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Evolutionary Computers builds and services all custom PCs and gaming computers. We can perform upgrades and or repairs to them as well as help you understand the difference between a standard custom build and a quality custom build. We off the top of the line custom builds that only use the best quality parts. Not only do higher quality PCs perform better than lower quality, but it also lasts longer, making it a better investment in the long term. Click here to get it started!


You Imagine It. We Create It. 

The most common repairs for custom computers include:

  • Power supply replacement

  • Liquid Cooling Replacement

  • All In One Cooler Replacement

  • Overheating problems

  • Stability problems

  • Speed/slow problems

  • Graphics Card Upgrades

  • Solid State Drive Upgrades

  • Boot Issues

  • We can provide any parts needed for the repair or you can supply your own.


Evolutionary Computers can build the perfect custom personal computer. We specialize in PCs designed to meet the needs of the end user.

Custom Built Computers

No two people will use their personal computers in the exact same way. Each of us will have specific tasks, systems for data organization, program demands, space constraints, and the like, that will dictate the ideal system for our home or office. Evolutionary Computers takes the time to truly listen to the customer, understand their specific needs and overall budget and then design the custom computer. We design custom desktops, workstations, and laptops. Our engineers are experienced professionals who not only stay on top of emerging trends but also understand how the newer technologies can work in tandem with existing technologies, an important concept for upgrades.


Our configuration options are endless, but popular solutions often include:

  • Advanced CPUs (Computer Processing Units)

  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for enhanced computer graphics and image processing

  • Storage Devices

  • Custom RAID for Storage and Data Protection

  • RGB Lights

  • CPU Coolers

  • Custom Casing and Paint

Ready to get exactly what you need from your computer system? Give us a call today.

Gaming PCs

Personal computers designed for entertainment take gaming to a whole new level. Gaming enthusiasts understand the advantage of a computer system optimized for modern video games. Today’s games tax certain components of the traditional computer, especially the hardware resources. Without the proper system, users will often encounter frustration and an overall loss of pleasure with gaming. Evolutionary Computers can keep that from happening with a custom gaming PC. What’s more, a custom-built gaming system, as opposed to a pre-built system, offers the end user more control over cost and can make future upgrades easier.


Key components we consider with our custom-built gaming PCs, and reasons why just any standard PC won’t do, include the following:

  • High Core Count CPUs are needed for optimal gaming performance.

  • Video Cards take the image and video processing loads inherent to modern gaming off of the CPU. These components control the gaming experience at the most fundamental level, driving what images appear and how they function on the screen. We know what you need.

  • Memory options receive special consideration in our custom builds because gaming requires more storage space than is found in the typical PC.

  • The motherboard will house all the important components of your gaming system. Evolutionary Computers knows this home has to be the right one.

  • We do not overlook overall aesthetic design. Evolutionary Computers understands that our customers want their unit to look as good on the outside as it functions on the inside. We’ve covered you from custom cases to bright LED lights to color-coordinated parts. '

  • When you’re ready to get your game on, let the experienced professionals at Evolutionary Computers build your custom gaming solution. Give us a call today.

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