What’s a computer network?

Computer network can be defined as “A set of computers that are connected and able to exchange data”. In a typical office environment, a local area network (LAN) is usually set up to allow data exchange and resource sharing (such as files, printers, fax modem, scanner, Internet broadband access) between computers.

What kind of benefit do I get from a computer network?

  • File Sharing - Computer files can be stored centrally, therefore multiple staff can work on one single copy and responsibility can be delegated (faxing, mailing, printing, etc.)
  • Internet Sharing - If you have a broadband Internet connection, setting up a LAN will allow the entire office to access the Internet concurrently
  • Resource Sharing - Printers, fax modems and scanners (depends on model and other factors) can be shared across the network
  • Data Sharing - Certain applications such as accounting, scheduling, contact management, as well as billing software, allows user to setup a central data repository for multiple computer access
  • Security - When setup properly with role-based security, office users will be able to access only resources relevant to his/her job functions
  • What kind of network do I need?

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